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3 Reasons to Have a Patio Cover

Do you already have a patio in your backyard? If you add a cover to your patio, you might find yourself spending more time outdoors. Discover three reasons you should have a patio cover installed in your backyard below.Patio Covers West Jordan

Weather- Protection from the sun is essential during the summer. You can relax in the shade and watch your kids play in the backyard without needing an umbrella. If it starts raining, you can still enjoy the outdoors without getting wet. It can be very relaxing listening to the rain, you might even fall asleep.

Aesthetics- Patio covers are the ideal way to spice up your backyard. Many people are hanging lights from patio covers to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Cooler House Temperatures in the Summer- During the summer, the sun can shine right into your house which causes your air conditioner to work harder. With a patio cover, your home is blocked from most of the sun, which means your house will have cooler temperatures during the summer.

These are a few of the many advantages to having a patio cover. At Elite Environmental Solutions, we will help you enjoy your backyard even more. If you would like additional information about our patio covers in West Jordan, you can contact our office by calling (385) 429-9371 right now.

3 Advantages of Building a Deck

Deck Builder Salt Lake CityEven though the cold weather has arrived, that doesn’t mean it is too early to start thinking about building or remodeling your deck. Here at Elite Environmental Solutions, we can build you a deck that you will be able to enjoy with family and friends. Check out three advantages to building a deck in your backyard below.

Gatherings- Whether you are planning a family reunion or celebrating someone’s birthday, hosting an event just got easier when you have a deck in the backyard. People can spread out while still mingling with everyone.

Customization- When building a deck, the best part is making it your own. With our help, you can customize the size and railing to ensure the design meets your requirements.

Relaxation- You can create an oasis to enjoy when you get home from work. Whether you want to put a hot tub or patio furniture on your deck, you can relax in a tranquil atmosphere without leaving your home.

If you are searching for a deck builder in Salt Lake City, you can turn to Elite Environmental Solutions for quality craftsmanship. Give us a call at (385) 429-9371 to request a personalized quote for a deck in your backyard today.

Welcome to Our Blog

Patio Covers Salt Lake CityEveryone at Elite Environmental Solutions wants to welcome you to our blog! In our future blogs, we hope you will learn the benefits of having a deck or patio cover installed along with things you can do to personalize it. Listed below are three of our products we can install for your family.

Patio Covers- With seven colors to choose from, you can select the one that is the closest to your house. Our patio covers are low maintenance, so you can enjoy sun and rain protection without having to worry about upkeep.

Decks- Make your house the ideal hangout when you have a deck in the backyard. From family gatherings to a lazy Sunday morning, you can enjoy your deck at any time.

Railings- Depending on how high the deck is, you will most likely need railings for safety reasons. Keep your loved ones safe with decorative railings.

When the time comes to upgrade the space in your backyard, you can turn to our team at Elite Environmental Solutions for quality materials and customer service. Call us today at (385) 429-9371 to discuss your ideas for a deck or patio. We look forward to helping you with patio covers in Salt Lake City.